Fornaci Sabine is fond in the historically rich and verdant land between the Potenza and Chienti rivers. Throughout time, the gently rolling hills have supported farmers, shepherds, merchants, celebrated artists, venerated saints and local artisans all of whom have for centuries contributed to a rich culture and, today, a much-sought-after way of life.

The agriturismo is borne of this culture. The structure itself noteworthy and is one of the best examples of the traditional stone and rustic brick farmhouse of the area. The ambiance, too, is a product oh the rich culture that surrounds Fornaci Sabine. Natural, genuine hospitality in a welcoming setting. Exquisite local dishes. Beautiful handcrafted mosaic and stained glass accents. And, artiginale courses to stimulate your curiosity and creativity...all yours in a uniquely beautiful spot in these ancient hills.